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A couple of his friends from New York came to town, and they had just seen on the airplane.At dinner that night with Slater, they talked about the movie, having no idea that he was in it.Worse, with the friends was a young woman who said she hoped to become a director.

Uh-oh.“Kim's a terrific actress,” says Slater, silent for a moment before continuing. So it was difficult for me not to fall in love with her. And it made for some interesting moments in my life.I'm gonna enjoy the food that I eat and have a good time.” Such lip licking might be unbecoming in an older actor, but any 19-year-old who did not appreciate his good luck in Hollywood would be a real ingrate. He has, for instance, had the experience of standing next to teen star Brian Bloom ("And it's like, oh, man, do I really have to explain? “It sounds so egotistical, and then they like you less.I can't wait until they know who I am so I don't have to sit there and politely tell them everything I've done.” Actually, Slater admits, he blew his top at one such unintended insult just last night.Having my girlfriend on the set made not falling in love with her much easier. Winona and I are just good friends now, too.”Here Slater's mother has something to add.“I think girls are Christian's major hobby,” she says, laughing.

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