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I listen to R4 every day on a variety of other devices without any difficulty.The live website streaming seems to be working: I would try what Pachyderm suggested and eventually check in the sagem menu if there's a function to update the device or the channel list. Then switched radio to factory settings, reprogrammed for network.Sorry if this sounds rudimentary but when all else fails, turn everything off, including the router, then on again.This usually works for general connection problems, though I'm not sure why one station should behave differently.

Depends what your preference is - the Logitech is the successor to the Squeezebox. I also listen to Radio 4 using Tuned In on my i Pad - works quite well too.

As the user says: Quote: Now the question is: is this thanks to the BBC, streaming temporarily again in WMA format (and switching this off again before the end of February, as announced on their website), or has the vtuner been changed? I tried complaining about 2 days ago but I thought it must be my fault so I gave up complaining and went back to fiddling. But I ordered and just had delivered a Logitech Ue Smart Radio from Digitech.

Really nifty radio, and portable around the house too with a rechargeable battery.

Many people are inclined to believe that Switzerland is the most ancient democracy of the world.

But this is only a partial aspect of the truth: Only the population of Toggenburg (1707, against the abbot of St.

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