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Aquila, taking the Hebrew as he found it, proves in his rendering to be "a slave to the letter".

When his version appeared, about 130, its rabbinical character won approval from the Jews but distrust from the Christians. Jerome found it of value in the study of the original text and of the methods of Jewish interpretation in the early Christian years.

It exercised a vast influence on the Vulgate and through it on modern translations and the Church language. Guided by old Greek manuscripts, he corrected its mistakes and emended such translations as affected the true sense of the Gospels, and probably followed the same method in revising all the books of the New Testament, which he put forth at Rome about 383.(2) Egyptian, or Coptic, Versions The first Christians of Lower Egypt commonly used Greek, but the natives generally spoke Coptic (see EGYPT, VI, COPTIC LITERATURE), which is now recognized in four dialects, viz.: Bohairic, Sahidic, Akhmimic and Fayûmic (Middle Egyptian ).As Christian communities formed and flourished, the Bible was translated into these dialects and it is generally admitted that some versions, if not all, date back to the second century.From the same sources he later corrected all the Old-Testament books that he judged canonical, but even in his own day all this revision, excepting the book of Job was lost.The unrevised text of the greater part of the Old Latin Version continued in use in the Western Church until it was supplanted by the Vulgate.

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