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The footage shows the girl falling out of her seat and dangling down from the machine as she was taking the ride. Still attached to a metal bar, she spun in the air with the machine for about five seconds before being thrown out and hitting the ground.

The video shows other visitors in the park screamed as they witnessed the tragedy.

The official said the machine had malfunctioned, and that the visitor who had died was a 14-year-old girl.

Three of those dates were when the girl was 17, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Detective David Miller wrote in the court documents.Five of the encounters happened before the girl's 18th birthday.INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana high school teacher and former golf coach met a student for sex in two Indianapolis hotels 22 times since July, according to records filed in Marion Superior Court.The age of sexual consent in Indiana is 16, but the child seduction law makes it a felony for an adult in a position of trust, including a coach, teacher or pastor, to have sex with a child they supervise who is younger than 18.Tracey Horth Krueger, chief executive officer of the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault, said the law is aimed at protecting vulnerable young people from authority figures who abuse and violate their trust."A 17-year-old is a kid in my opinion," said Horth Krueger.

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