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A successful entrepreneur and master of marketing, Tara has done what most can only dream of: create her own name brand, all under the age of twenty! Her doll-like looks, big blue eyes, flowing platinum hair and curvaceous, yet fit physique makes her every mans dream; and her love of video games and heavy metal rock music sets her apart and puts stereotypes to rest.Taras ever-youthful bounce combined with a maturity, professionalism, natural ability and intelligence far beyond her years, makes her a complete hit with every company or photographer she meets, and at the top of every list of those who have not.Should you find yourself fortunate enough to work with her, I'm certain you'll agree that she ranks among the best models to work with today." "When Tara first asked me to write this i kind of laughed, after all, just look at her, she is a living breathing doll. More amazing was that i wanted her to start out plain Jane, wear dresses, be rather conventional, and still she wanted me to write this.But she did." "So to tell the truth, she doesn't just look like a doll, she is a doll.

Her bubbly, can-do attitude is a delight to have on a set, and I can't wait for the opportunity to work with her again.

The "trick" i learned is that she is far more beautiful than any pictures will ever capture.

Genuinely warm and caring, she wants every shoot to be her best shoot, you can only benefit from her passion and My only complaint, selfish as it is: she lives so far away.

Not only is she a joy to have on a shoot, she brings a professionalism that few models possess.

She quickly understands what is required of her, then not only performs, she goes that extra mile and each shot seems to sing.

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