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Unit: A department or other administrative structure, like a division or institute.Location: A room or designated area where controlled substances are stored in a safe.When receiving controlled substances, or if controlled substances are shipped to your facility, ensure that, the controlled substances are processed as soon as possible, by: All containers of controlled substances must be properly labeled.If a facility re-packages, compounds or dilutes controlled substances, appropriately label the re-packaged, compounded or diluted substance and For guidance on purchasing a controlled substances safe for use in your laboratory, read Controlled Substances The DEA policy mandates the following about the use and record-keeping of controlled substances: Note that the disposition records are dedicated exclusively to tracking all controlled substances activities.After initial approval, you may request additional Forms 222 online from the DEA website.Follow the guidance provided in "Using DEA Form 222 to Order Controlled Substances," Authorized Users do not need a specific registration.

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The NYBP requires researchers using controlled substances to obtain an NYBP registration certificate. The DEA policy for, , contains several unique terms that form the structure of the policy: For each of these terms, think about how it applies in your facility.This section will introduce the form, and demonstrate how each activity is recorded.Controlled Substances Disposition Record The recommended disposition record contains the required elements from the DEA regulations, which are included at the top and bottom of the form: *Date and initial each activity. Lines 2-4: Using controlled substances In this example, Lines 2-4 represent the use of sodium pentobarbital in three animals, each recorded individually.We recommend that you bookmark the SOP for future reference.The SOP defines the person who is responsible for each of the activities related to using controlled substances.

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