Israel jewish singles dating site expands

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Read what our members have to say about Jewish Pride, Jewish Values, loving kindness, Tikun Olam, love for Israel and the Jewish people, the desire to reconnect to our roots, our rich heritage and be part of the unbroken chain Adei Ad.

(Forever)Many years ago, a man was walking in the forest when he found a young eagle.

The evil landowner provided minimal shelter in exchange for a large prtion of the farmer’s profits. ” Often in life, whether by choice or by chance, we enter into situations we ought not to be in.

” The owner of the farm replied, “Since I gave it chicken feed and trained it to be a chicken, it never learned to fly.” He added.

“It acts like a chicken, and therefore it no longer is an eagle.” “Nevertheless,” the researcher insisted,” it has the heart of an eagle, and it certainly could learn to fly.” After the two of them talked about this, they decided to examine who is right. Now spread your wings and fly.” The eagle looked around, down to the farmyard and up to the skies, but it still did not fly.

Develop your own inner vision on life, your own taste, your goals, love and appreciate the whole package even if the wrapping is not perfect. You have to drill deep in order to strike pure water.

We live in a throw away society, as easily as we dispose of used cars, and other appliances, we dump relationships and loved ones. In the noisy confusion of life, remember to spread your wings, you are Jewish, different, and very special. The process might be unfamiliar, yet very rewarding and fulfilling.

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