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Its APIs and tools are comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and trustworthy for businesses that demand nothing less.This statement is also aided cleverly by the image of two cell phones, each highlighting a different, well-known Stripe customer. That's all that Mail Chimp needs to tell you what its brand is all about. Use its service and you will send better email -- no ifs or buts.Its imagery and messaging resonate perfectly with this audience.In its value proposition, Skype leaves no mystery as to what it does (helps you share, message, and call), how it does it (on phone, tablet, and desktop), and who it does it for (the whole world.) Paired with emotional images of loved one connecting over a video chat, this statement checks all of the boxes.In this value proposition, Pagely addresses two of the biggest pain points of businesses with a Word Press website (scalability and security), while also enlisting social proof to give the company credibility right off the bat.Though one of our longer value propositions, Pagely's simplicity and clarity helps prevent it from being overwhelming.In this witty example, Apple emphasizes how lightweight its product is (its biggest differentiator), while also speaking to how advanced its technology is.

Unlike bigger search engines, Duck Duck Go makes privacy a top priority and as its key differentiator, it wants you to know that as soon as you arrive on their site.Need a web presence now and considering Squarespace, Wix, or Webs?Weebly's value proposition sets out to make sure its prospects know there's no faster or easier way to get started than with its platform.In another oldie, no longer in use, this value proposition eloquently tells you what Spotify's product is all about.It wants to bring music into your life and it does that by being available on-the-go in your smartphone or on a desktop (as seen in the hero image.) On its current homepage, Spotify opts for a carousel of sales-focused propositions, which may be more effective for closing premium users, but in terms of messaging alone, this one takes the cake in my book.

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