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^^National championships were determined by AP poll.

However, in 2003, the AP and BCS named different national champions, and we decided to count both LSU and USC as national champions for that season.

Recent success is another story, though, as the Minutemen are 10-50 since returning to the FBS in 2012.120.

Texas State Bobcats (78 points)Just like South Alabama, Texas State is recruiting at an impressive clip for a program only entering its sixth season at the FBS level.

(Translation: Being nationally relevant.) Ancient History Same formula as Recent History, but covering everything from before 2001.

Prior to the BCS era, points for national championships were rewarded to the team the Associated Press voted as champ.

Because of the independent schools, it wouldn't have been fair to factor conference championships into the equation.

But this formula rewards teams for winning games, playing in bowls and having players who've competed for the Heisman.

They have played in just one bowl game in 30 years and produced just one fifth-round draft pick in the past decade. New Mexico State Aggies (66 points)Dating back to 2005, no team has suffered more losses than New Mexico State (31-116).We've mentioned there are only 130 FBS programs, right? Kent State Golden Flashes (70 points)Kent State's recruiting has just been marginally better than Akron's, and both MAC schools finished in the bottom 10 nationally in fan engagement.A handful of mid-to-late-round draft picks were the only thing keeping the Golden Flashes from falling even lower than this. Eastern Michigan Eagles (72 points)Lather, rinse and repeat for more MACtion.This Fan Engagement score is a combination of average attendance at home games for the past five seasons and the number of followers^^^ on each team's official Twitter account.Yes, Michigan is at an unfair advantage here by having the biggest stadium in the country, but the teams with the most seats built that way because they knew they could fill them.

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