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Occasionally you will find a very good line in a commercial or a fairly good line as a headline, but very rarely these days. Certainly since David Abbot has stopped you don’t see an ad nowadays, even for clients you used to write for.

Volvo, for example, totally gone; RSPCA, in no way engaging.

The Sanctus from Missa Luba featured in Lindsey Anderson’s film If, and some of the music was recorded by other performers, but the original has never been surpassed, nor reissued in its original form.

Gardner’s first impressions of Rio were anything but agreeable.

For example, Neil would often have to get the photosetting in on the headlines and the body type and it would all be cut out with a scalpel to make it optically correct.

The discipline of working like that often made us look at every piece of work with great scrutiny.

The original performance was recorded in 1958 in Kamina, Congo. When we were living in India in the mid sixties my family had a copy and we listened over and over to its rhythms, harmonies and birdlike vocal calls.

From here he roamed in every direction, to mountains covered in untouched forests and the swamps north of the city.

He scoured the sea shores and islands in the bay, keeping meticulous records of the plants he found, many of which had never been described before.

I often knew how Neil would work on something so I wrote to his strengths. When Neil did the little drawing on the child’s foot for Clarks for example, I had virtually nothing to do with that, but he knew I could write to that concept, that it would be something that had content to it and all I had to do was write some lines and work through it.

It wasn’t before the moving image, of course, but it was certainly before the times of computer graphics.

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