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Do you remember your mother telling you that too much of a good thing makes it a bad thing?

I used to think the idea only applied to the obvious stuff — pizza and the films of Keanu Reeves, for example — but this wisdom also applies to online dating.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” says Evan Marc Katz, dating coach, author of I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating and founder of

“If you don’t bond with someone’s profile, why should they respond to you? I tell guys not to waste everyone’s time with it.” The best thing you can do to increase replies is to make each letter you send as personal as possible.

” says Dave Wygant, author of Always Talk To Strangers: 3 Simple Steps To Find The Love Of Your Life. Notice this doesn’t mean “as long as possible.” A short note that calls attention to something specific in someone’s profile shows you’re interested in that person, and not just trying to increase your odds by roping in as many people as possible.

Mistake #3: You expect instant success A service like Match can give you the tools to meet many, many more people than you would without it, but it can’t guarantee that you will fall in love right away.

When you surf the internet, you will find a higher number of dating sites which have varieties of specialties which you can easily see and It is so easy looking for a date locally.

Just log in to one of the search engines and type in your location when searching for local dating.

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